martes, 9 de agosto de 2011

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Yanina: Ohh! I don´t feel well. Please Dr. I have a pain in my foot.

Lucero: Wait your turn, they are first than you. We don´t have preferences here.

Tatiana: Miss, my sister brokens her foot and she doesn’t support the pain, please call the doctor. What kind of service is it?

Yanina: I´m going to fall into the floor, this really hurts me a lot.

Francisco: What happen Lucero, why are you shouting?

Lucero: It isn´t nothing Dr. Cedeño. I was passing to misses to the emergency room.

Francisco: Ok Joanny, help me to carry the patient to the consultory, right now.

Joanny: No problem Dr., Miss, comes with us.

Yanina: Dr, I fell in the stairs and I think I fractured my foot, I can`t resist the pain.

Lucero: you cannot enter, you have to wait the doctor check your sister, wait here.

Tatiana: you cannot tell me what I have to do inefficient secretary, Do you work unkind secretary?

Inside the consultory…

Francisco: ok, tell me where do you feel pain.

Yanina: here doctor, it hurts me a lot.

Francisco: Joanny, take me the bandage please.

Joanny: here you have doctor, miss bits this handkerchief for you do not shout.

Tatiana: how is my sister?

Francisco: you can’t be here; I put the bandage to your sister. Wait outside please.

Lucero: go out here please, wait out.

Francisco: I put the bandages.

Yanina: Doctor, how many days I will have the bandage?

Francisco: I think for one month.

Yanina: Is necessary a radiography doctor?

Francisco: No. It isn’t a fracture, is a lesion in your leg.

Joanny: you have to take care of all your foot movements, rest a lot and come back from one month.

Yanina: ok, have I to use crutch?

Joanny: this is the most convenient.

Francisco: well, you must take these drogs follow the instructions.

Joanny: remember; come back to your medical appointment in one month to check up you.

Yanina: of course, thank you doctor, thank you nurse.

Francisco: this is my work. Joanny come dear to the miss.

Tatiana: Yanina, how do you feel?

Yanina: it isn´t too much pain now. I hope I won’t have pain again.

Lucero: pay the consult please.

Francisco: I hope you do not repeat an incident as today Lucero, because you tell be a professional.

Tatiana: how is the account miss…?

Lucero: sixty dollars. What’s your name Miss?

Tatiana: Petraberta

Lucero: Really? ... Oh My God, sorry, sixty dollars

Yanina: thank you, see you.

Joanny: bye, take your medicaments.

One month later…

Tatiana: Hello… is Doctor Cedeño here?

Lucero: oh yes, please enter.

Tatiana: that’s great. You learned the lesson miss jajajaja.

Francisco: good morning, sit down please.

Joanny: Hey girl you walk much better, I will take the bandages.

Yanina: yes I feel better.

Joanny: Ok. That’s great, don’t follow the drugs.

Francisco: Well, that’s all; I hope you feel much better.

Tatiana: Doctor, I helped my sister everyday with the drugs.

Francisco: you are in the right way, patients don’t understand the damage don´t take their drugs.

Yanina: yes! Our mother fractured her arm the last year and she was very sick during three months.

Joanny: Ok, the consult is finished.

Tatiana and Yanina (both together): thank you,

Francisco: you’re welcome.

Lucero: Misses, the consult please.

Joanny: this is the correct mood Lucero.

Lucero: Don’t worry nurse; our problem is part of the past.

Yanina: oh yes. Take the money miss.

Lucero: Thank you.

Tatiana: I see you doctor, thank you nurse.

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